PCB High Voltage DC-DC Boost Converter Step 2



-Soldering Iron
-Electrical Solder (Rosin Core 0.032″ Preferred)
-Antistatic Wrist Strap
-Electrician Gloves
-Sealable Plastic Container

1/4 lb BOARD ETCHANT (get the larger Pack if you plan on making more circuit boards)
2 of each RESIST PEN ( If you have a Laser Printer You’ll only need one of the extra fine ones)
COPPER CLAD BOARD ( Choose the 3 x 5, 4 x 6, or 6 x 9 for this project)

Parts Bought From Mouser:
For C1, C2, C3, and CT use a voltage rating according to this:
Battery Voltage……….Capacitor Rated Voltage

<=12V Bat…………………………>=16V Cap
<=20V Bat…………………….>=25V Cap
<=30V Bat…………………….>=50V Cap

U2- Voltage Regulator – DPAK (TO-252)
Battery Input Part Number

-8.4V to 12V LF60ABDT
-12V to 13.2V LF90ABDT
-13.2V to 16.8V MC7809E
-16.8V to 26.4V MC7812E
-26.4V to 31.2V LM317M (R1 = 500 Ohm R2 = 5.5 k Ohm)

— C2 Type According to Regulator Used: —
LF60ABDT Electrolytic
LF90ABDT Electrolytic
MC7809E Ceramic
MC7812E Ceramic
LM317M Electrolytic

— C1, C3, C4, and C5 are MLCC SMD/SMT 5%-20%, or -20% to +80% —
— CT is MLCC SMD/SMT 1%-10% —
— All Resistors except for Rdiv1 is 1/10W or greater —

4 Digit Number After Value is Size (i.e. 0805 or 1210)

-C1-10uF 1210
-C2- 10uF 1210
-C3- 0.22uF (220nF) 0805
-C4- 0.01uF (10nF) 0805
-C5- 0.01uF (10nF) 0805
-CB1- Any Capacitor Bank You Wish To Charge
-CT- 0.022uF (22nF) 0805
-LEDPWR- Indicates Power is Applied 1206
-LEDREG- Indicates Desired Voltage is Reached 1206
-LEDGATE- Indicates NE555 is sourcing voltage to the MOSFET 1206
-R1, R2, R3-1kOhm(<12V) or 2kOhm(>=12V) 1%-5% 0805
-RA- 15kOhm (2% or better) 0805
-RB- 10kOhm (2% or better) 0805
-Rdiv1- 1MOhm (2% or better , 1/4W or greater) 1206

-Rdiv2- 0805
Regulator Used Value (2% or Better)
LF60ABDT 11kOhm
LF90ABDT 16kOhm
MC7809E 16kOhm
MC7812E 22.3kOhm
LM317M 28kOhm

-SW1- Rated for greater than input voltage at 5-6A

-U1 and U1.1(Same Chip) – LM393AM SOIC-8
-U3- SE555D SOIC-8
-VR1- 10kOhm Potentiometer (Multi-turn will be more precise)

-M1- FCA47N60(F)
-D1- RURG3060 (Please use the RURG30120 if this is one of your first electronic projects or you want a higher safety factor in your design)

-L1- Coilcraft PCV-2-394-05L (Follow the link and type in the part number to buy)