Below is a list of new coilguns planned and in progress starting from 2012 onward. You can browse all these coilguns either by selecting the links below or by using the drop down box under ‘NEW COILGUNS’ at the top right of the screen.

Reluctance Coil Guns (Pulse Accelerators) use intense momentary  electromagnetic fields to accelerate projectiles. This field is created by current passing through an air cored inductor from a high power density energy source. This pulls a ferromagnetic projectile toward its center much like a pulsed solenoid. Ideally, the current will be cut off at this point allowing the projectile to continue out of the inductor and to the target.

With current technology reluctance coilguns are generally only used as a hobby as projectile speed is limited by several factors. Inductance coilguns however are a better possibility to replace modern weapons as they do not suffer from this limitation, although there will need to be several technological breakthroughs before they can compete with standard firearms.